There is a lot of YouTube videos out there.  I view 1000s of tennis help videos and I have picked a few of the ones here that I would endorse.  The crew at Essential Tennis does an excellent job.  I would highly recommend subscribing to their channel.  

Groundstrokes Practice With Purpose

I see alot of players show up to the courts and just hit tennis balls back and forth. Then when it comes to game time. They do the same. Getting it back is NOT good enough. Have purpose everytime your on the court. Weather is be a game or practice. Have a simple goal and go for it. It will help your overall game.

The second MOST important hit in Tennis is...

The Return Of Serve- Why is the secend most important? Because it is the second hit in a tennis point. If you can't serve and return it the rest just doesn't matter. I see most people practice baseline hits, volleys, and everything inbetween. I almost never see anyone work on their return of serve. Here are some thoughts on this shot. Call me for a lesson and let's work on it.

Be careful buying tennis balls.

Be careful when you go to your local sporting goods store and purchase tennis balls. Make sure you are getting the right colored ball for your tennis game. Junior tennis players should play with different colored balls. Here is the breakdown. The Red ball is for junior tennis for players ages 4-8 with limited tennis experience. The players play on a 36 foot length court using a red/yellow ball that bounces appropriately for their height and skill level. Players use age and skill level appropriate length tennis racquets and play matches against other clubs. There are 3 levels within the Red ball group - "beginner", "intermediate" and "advanced level". Orange ball has 50% less bounce than the

The 4th dimension of tennis.

When I heard this I was saying to myself, "Come on!". Four dimensions? The I had to figure this out to see if this was a bunch a ya ya. 1st dimension- Hitting from the baseline. Running back and forth along the back line hitting ground strokes. 2nd dimension- Moving in towards the net and away from the baseline. Volleys and overheads are added to the bag of tricks. 3rd dimension- Gaining an understanding of how to put spin on the ball and make it bounce high or low. Slice and top spin play a big role in this dimension. And now.... 4th dimension- TIME Time can be gained or lost by changing movement, power, tragectory, and/or placement. Changing the rythm of play to your advantage may

Fire the Extensors Baby!

Great tip explanation of Vic Braden's giving a response to a question in passing. The question was "Got a tip to improve my serve?" Watch the video for the answer and give it a try. Let me know your thoughts?

The Point Starts With the Serve

If it feels right it probably is right. Here is a way to simplify the movement of the serve so that it will FEEL right. No dink shots and no pushing. Use your racket momentum to get the feel. Add a ball to this technique and let them fly. After a few of these try to hone it "in".

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