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The 4th dimension of tennis.

When I heard this I was saying to myself, "Come on!". Four dimensions?

The I had to figure this out to see if this was a bunch a ya ya.

1st dimension- Hitting from the baseline. Running back and forth along the back line hitting ground strokes.

2nd dimension- Moving in towards the net and away from the baseline. Volleys and overheads are added to the bag of tricks.

3rd dimension- Gaining an understanding of how to put spin on the ball and make it bounce high or low. Slice and top spin play a big role in this dimension.

And now....

4th dimension- TIME Time can be gained or lost by changing movement, power, tragectory, and/or placement. Changing the rythm of play to your advantage may be the difference of breaking that plateau in your game.

Here is Yann Auzoux explaining Geometris or The 4 dimensions.

(Go to the 4:30 mark in the video)

Let me know your thoughts.


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